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Papa Lou is an Old Bartender and whisky peddler from Atlanta and parts beyond.  His three unique Bloody Mary Mixes are now available in restaurants, bars and beverage stores in Georgia and South Carolina and expanding to new locations.


The Original

Papa Lou’s Original Bloody Mary Mix, created in the 80’s, is a tasty mix with layers of flavor of vegetable spices and fresh tomato – the perfect partner with traditional, citrus, or pepper flavored vodkas, gold tequila, and cold beer.


Big Bold Bacon

HIckory Smoky Bacon Flavor Added to Papa Lou’s Original Mix. Papa Lou’s Bold Bacon Bloody Mary Mix is audaciously delicious!  Think of it as a healthy breakfast in a glass and great alternative to the sugar-rich and wimpy morning “smoothie”. Always a favorite at brunch and before the game.



My Latin inspired Bloody Mary. Spicy in taste and full of flavor but not in heat to your palate. Goes great with gold tequila, citrus, pepper, cucumber, cilantro vodkas. Also try with ice cold beer. I called it a Red Eye back in my day and, like a lot of the old cocktails, it has returned.


Recipe for a Red Eye ~Red Beer~ Michelada

 or whatever you want to call it.


Pint Glass salted or not

pack with ice

5oz Papa Lou's Original or Tomatillo

5oz your favorite beer     

Although we called it a Red Eye, it was equally good having one while watching the sun set on Captiva. 

Hell Yeah!


Papa Lou’s is locally owned & operated.

Distributed by Atlanta Beverage Co.



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