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Papa Lou’s goes GREEN! El Papa Verde is my Latin version of a Bloody Mary.  This one of a kind Tomatillo recipe has as its soul this tiny native Mexican vegetable.  My friend was grilling chicken with tomatillo sauce one evening while I was enjoying a wee bit of tequila.  As usual, my mind went to Bloody Marys.  Instead of combining the gold tequila with my Original Bloody Mary mix, I begin concocting a new mix – one with tomatillos.  After a bit of experimenting we agreed I was on to something other than a hangover. Right there on the patio, I created a new recipe -- with a touch of lime and Jalapeno sauce; producing a fresh spring garden taste, Papa Lou’s Tomatillo Mix is now a favorite in restaurants, bars, and retail store throughout Georgia and South Carolina.


Papa Lou’s Tomatillo Bloody Mary Mix is rich and spicy, with a unique flavor, but not in hotness to the palate. The Tomatillo mix has 1-g less of sugar than the already low sugar of 4-gs of the Original Mix.


Papa Lou’s Tomatillo Bloody Mary Mix is CUSTOMER & BARTENDER PREFERRED, as the mix with citrus, or pepper flavored vodkas, gold tequila and cold beer.   Check out my suggestions for cooking with Papa Lou’s and make the Tomatillo Mix your secret ingredient to cocktail sauces and salsa recipes you serve. 

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